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  • Yamashita's diary, 2008.08.22, he had written he used the emoji for the "Ai no Matador" craze going through NEWS members right now. I was like, how obscure...because I didn't realize that's what he meant until I read it. You really have to be thinking of it to notice, lol. This is what he had--> "". Different phones offer a different version emoji of the standard set, which is why he said you had to check with others to make sure it came out right. It is a running emoticon, after
  • Keiichiro Member Love, 2008.08.22. Another KoyaShige vacation. Koyama went out to the convenience store to buy stuff, like shampoo, toothbrush, and he also brought a body scrubbing brush. He was like, "This brush is so annoying. It really really hurts [after brushing with it]". Insert more comment about how this brush hurts (This brush, while providing ____, ____, and ____, also provides 'pain'?! Something half-witty like that...). "Shige [also yelled it] really really hurt. (What?! He used it too?) Anyways, he'll continue to write in detail about his week. He ended with "ALOHA-". Does that mean it's Hawaii? *rolls eyes* How many times can they visit Hawaii? He also referred to Shige as "the Shige whose stageplay has ended". o___o
  • Master Hits 2008.08.22. The new single has rap in it? A smililar feeling to weeeek and Summer Time? Seriously? Massu's name came up in Tsubasa's radio program, said a mailer. Ahhh...what else. A mail about Zukokke (Kanjani8's song) during the concert, lol. Shige&Massu in black clothing-- is it the same? Being mixed up? Shared? But it was different I think. More about Nakamaru (I'm getting lazy here...sigh.) If Massu was in the Olympics, would he do track and field or swimming? I'm trying to find something interesting here...~___~; Although he doesn't have air conditioning at home, there is backstage while shooting TU->YU CMs. The temperature is so low that sometimes the staff will wear sweaters, but Massu is good with tolerating the cold, unlike heat. Okay this is probably all filled with errors...I should read and listen next time when I'm not half-asleep.
  • School is almost starting. There's still a huge pile of homework I am too lazy to do. I've wasted a lot of time...Zzz...


  • Member Love 2008.08.18 Koyamasushige (that's how he wrote it . . .) went to watch 「Summary 2008」. He talked about remember how it used to be NEWS vs KAT-TUN and wondered how it would be if they had to perform that again. He said they should mix everything up: KAT-TUN would sing 「weeeek」 and NEWS would sing 「Don't U Ever Stop」.  Koyama sure plays a huge role in promoting his juniros though...even hosting one of their shows. He ended with "Hey!Say!JUMP and Jr. 's entertainment show is really great."
  • Happy Bath Day. I don't think it fits as the main song of single though . . .when I first heard about it, I immediatley thought it would be like 「Change the World」 on PACIFIC. I mean everyone thought that would be the new song but it wasn't really . . .we'll see then. Everyone's saying it's going to be the new single so great. I'm glad NEWS is getting more activities. But why do all of them have to be for CMs or something. . .「weeeek」 and 「Summer Time」 were for Russ-K, 「太陽の涙」 was for Kurosagi. . .and now possibly this, for . . .Kose. It's not even for males this time. XD **edit* It IS the new single, lol. Yay!
  • Massu's new TU->YU August CM . . .no comment . . . as usual . . .

Radio notes...

Master Hits 2008.08.08
  • He sleeps in the living room because there's air conditioning there...and he's really weak to the heat. So around 3-4 every day he can't help but fall asleep.
  • Masuda the wimp. In this hot summer season there's always mosquitoes...but "It's not something like a tarantula ne. It's a mosquito. It's okay, Massu." Well yes it's not like it's a huge insect...but they're still just as annoying.
  • He went to the pool with a friend. And ate ramen. And wonders how many calories he took in...
  • Massu wants to be black. Kidding, he meant a tan. Isn't a guy who gets a tan really cool? (Ehhh...)
  • He went to watch Shige's stageplay. Besides singing and dancing, what else interesting could there be? But Shige's talk and comic storytelling was really cool and interesting.
  • Ehhh a bit about the DVD, yukata&summer festivals, his favorite yukata colors, ponytails...I got tired reading about ponytails, hah.
KchanNEWS 2008.08.11
  • Shige took an entire 6 months to consider what he would be doing for his stageplay. That's half a year. Wows. But anyways, it has ended. He commented that there were times were there were problems, but after all the work there was the final product. It was really messy at first because he never imagined that he had the write the entire thing by himself.
  • So while Shige was writing his outline Koyama called and asked him out...and Shige does his usual I hate you Koyama (but not really) thing. Uh-huh. Like "man you really annoy people" [but that doesn't stop me from being your best friend for a bajillion years]
  • Koyama said that during Shounen Club he and Nakamaru talked about Shige's stageplay...and Shige said that last time he saw Nakamaru he was really really thin and must also be working really hard. Koyama said he was really amazing because he was doing Shokura while having a concert with KAT-TUN.
  • Kiss corner...chuuu...blahblahblah...

Blah blah blah...#toomany.

Only have 5? Ryo's left out? Go to Lawson, get 6!
Get +1 promotion HAHAHA--> 『からあげ1個増量 - 8月1日~8月18日』
The little dragging line was so cute!
DOWNLOAD [[3.9MB, MQ, .avi, SS]]
Credit & thanks to wanda from Rainbow Hall for getting it up so fast!

Yay! All the usual TV stations will be airing the LIVE PV of TEPPEN from the DVD during the the first couple weeks of August (starting today)!
Kinki Kids DVDs usually get like, 3 hopefully this time PACIFIC will get that many too. :)

So since I'm behind and all...I'm just going to ramble a bit to myself.  'Kay.

The new NEWSMILE theme is things you want to do this summer. Tegoshi's turn was yesterday. He said that besides filming Shabake, surfing and soccer are the two things he's definitely doing. He's aiming to make this summer totally sports-focused...because he has an athelte's body now. Everyone thinks he's so girly but it seems like he's the most intense about doing these things (makes sense, everyone always says he's the type to become obsessed with things he likes)...maybe the next step is going to the gym LOL. Damn, imagine him in a year with like, huge super manly guns (or at least abs?)....I'd die laughing. It's hard to imagine him with anything besides his currently (relatively) small and thin body frame...
But I suppose there is a difference. Since his kind of activity works more on stamina then muscle weight...lean muscle. He should go run a marathon for charity. Why am I even on this subject.

Koyama's Member Love entry from...what, the 25th? Awhile ago (catching up takes so much out of my mind =_=). But it was funny.
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Ehehe...what a great line to use. I'll remember that for the future.

I listened to the preview of Leah's new single, Step Into My World. It sounds very...happy? Not as much as Vanilla, but it's definitely bright. Now Love Paradox just seems really out of place.

アイアイ傘 Spammage.

Because the single was leaked, and VANDY&Others are frickin' amazing, the ENTIRE thing up already.
So fast! I'm spazzing out here.

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And that is all. Omgad, I'm finally calm now...
& I just wasted a whole day that I could have used for studying for finals.
Whatever. 8D

::edit: New YUI PV for Summer Song~ so cute! ^___^

Stupid is my middle name.

Hello all! Long time no post~ XD
School is winding down to it's final couple weeks!
I am bogged down with work and testing as usual.
Every day I feel like there's never enough time to do anything. D:
Epic fail.

Anyhow, I have some tiny to share with you? Hahaha.
I had quite a few people ask me where to find instrumental versions of certain songs, particularly 'Ai Nante'.
I have no doubt this is because of the many fancovers being posted at news_jpop~ XD
I played around and here we have it!
The vocals have been reduced to almost nothing, meaning it's faint but you can still hear it. I think this is nice though, because that way when you sing over it, you kind of have Tegoshi/Shige/Ryo in the back. XD Also, the original backup harmony parts are still there, so it can really sound complete if you cover it...

So that is all.
Sorry for lack of commenting and such. Once finals are over, I'm going wild. >:D
Good luck with school, everyone.

Just Break the Limit

AI AI GASA-- UVERworld style?! XD
No no, not really.
I was, though, watching UVERworld's new PV of "Just Break the Limit", and the girl had this doodled in her notebook.
Lol. Not that it's uncommon or anything-- I just thought it was funny, for me, to see the same concept twice in the same week. XD

Takuya looks adorable in the hat, btw, haha. So cute, little puff~ I couldn't stop staring. XD
Can't wait for Gekidou PV to come out. :D Reminds me I should watch D.Gray-man...( ; w ; )

So, there was this survey ranking thing where people ranked the top 100 songs that made them most want to cry. There was no NEWS but quite a few SMAP. XD But...Tegomass made it on! With Miso Soup, hahas~ does that song really want to make you cry? Maybe older women, from being touched by the lyrics. XD
#01 - Flavor Of Life -Ballad Version- // 宇多田ヒカル   
#49 - You're Beautiful //  ジェイムス?ブラント (James Blunt, LOL!)
#77 - ミソスープ // テゴマス 
#92 - 绊 // KAT-TUN  

Collapse )

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone~ Hooray for long weekends! *3*;;